Men of Destiny

“Being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of choice.”

–Edwin Louis Cole

Many men live without hope, just existing from one day to the next. However, God created Them with a destiny in their hearts, and fulfilling that destiny will be a result of the choices they make. We believe that it is time for men to realize that destiny and discover the life He has for them. That’s why we’ve founded “Men of Destiny!”

As men of destiny we will…

  • Be godly husbands;
  • Raise healthy children;
  • Build stronger homes and families;
  • Increase in our own physical health;
  • Grow disciples;
  • Serve the church;
  • Develop new business ideas;
  • Increase financially;
  • Impact the world with the message of hope.

Are you ready to discover your destiny?

For more information, contact our Men of Destiny team.