Children’s Church


At Family Church we believe that ministry to a family should include all age groups within the family.  Because of this we have a number of different levels of ministry for children.  They include times of fun with videos, games, puppets, and singing, as well as many other surprises for the children which will excite them and help them gain interest in church and get them learning more about God.

These ministries are separated by age as follows:

Nursery  – 0 – 5 year olds

Children’s Chuurch   6 – 11 year olds

Children’s Church

At Family Church we love kids, and we believe that they are a vital part of God’s plan on the earth.

Children’s Church is a place where kids can have a great big life with a great big God, a place where faith, imagination, and learning go hand in hand. A place where a loving God is cool and kids rule!

Children’s Church is the children’s ministry of Family Church that serves children ages 6 through to 11 years old. Check out all of the great opportunities to help your kids live their life for Christ. And find out how he has given them all of his life in return.