A Place To Minister

By Pastor Gary Mason

Oftentimes I see Christians with the potential to be great leaders in the body who are looking around for a place to minister and they often miss the most obvious one that is right in front of them.  The reason is that they are looking for a title or position in the body rather than fulfilling the role of leadership.  You see we must understand that leadership is a calling and not necessarily a position.  I know who might say that’s easy for you to say you have position as a pastor.  However, the real truth is that as I look back over my ministry life I was acting as a leader long before I ever gained a position in leadership.

True ministry is found in serving others.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:16, “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.”  I heard the Holy Spirit tell me one day that rather than just waiting for ministry opportunities to show up, I needed to start operating in my gifting and as I am faithful to do that ministry opportunities will open up more and more.

So here are a few everyday ordinary ways that you can take opportunities to minister to others even if you don’t have a “position” that requires it from you and as you minister to others I know that you will find fulfillment in your life and calling.

  1. Lay Hands on someone and pray.
  2. Be mindful of listening to the Spirit and share a word of encouragement if He gives you one.
  3. Give someone a scripture.
  4. Write someone a note.
  5. Give a gift or some cash to someone just to be a blessing.
  6. When you see someone living right as a Christian… tell them. (How they worship and praise God, Their attitude. Their attention to others.  Their friendliness. Etc.)
  7. In every opportunity show genuine care and affection for others.
  8. Go out of your way to see that others feel welcome at church and know what is up and coming in the church schedule that they can take part in.